TISA Lifeboat

Tisa Lifeboat

We offer specialized services for safety and lifeboat release devices.

The implementation of the Amended SOLAS III Regulation 20.11, through Resolution MSC 152 (78), in force since July 1st, 2005, requires the careful and total examination of lifeboats and cranes, as well as the dynamic tests of the winch brakes, and the operational tests of the lifeboats on load release procedure. These must be performed by representatives of or by a person trained or certified by the manufacturers, in accordance with the "Guidelines for the periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances and on load release gear".

We have conducted thousands of annual inspections on board ships located in the ports of Cristobal and Balboa, as well as other terminals in the Panama Canal area. Due to our strategic location, our service engineers can travel at short notice to any country in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. In Colombia, we have an affiliated company, that can provide prompt assistance to any terminal or port, on any coast, in a cost-effective manner.

Additionally, TISA LIFEBOAT has been authorized by most Administrations and Class Registries to inspect and certify all Life Saving Devices installed on board.

Tisa Lifeboats & NDT Services S.A., is a Panamanian company established 15 years ago, dedicated to lifeboat, load test, non-destructive, and ultrasonic thickness measurement services.